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Pick & Pack

Whatever your order pulling needs are we will be able to implement them. We have extensive experience in handling pick and pack requirements for a number of different product lines and various ship out methods, large or small. Our services are customized to meet your exact needs ensuring speed and accuracy that is second to none at a price that is unbeatable.

Fast Nationwide Shipping

We routinely deliver 95% of all orders to their destinations in the Southeastern states the next business day. West of the Mississippi or north of the Mason Dixon takes a little longer. Whenever the need arises we have at our disposal the means to deliver your product to any U.S. destination the same day.

Packaging Services

Over the years our customers have been able to use our extensive experience in packaging towards accomplishing many of their goals. We have experience in inspecting, repairing, and repackaging products that have been returned from retail reclaim centers, shrink wrapping, labeling and re-labeling, price stickering, inserting coupons in various products depending on promotional campaigns. We also offer our customers promotional packaging and packaging of point of sale displays. We will respond to whatever your customized packaging needs are.

Freight Cost Savings

Due to our large volume of shipping, our customers are able to enjoy freight cost savings of up to 72% on their LTL shipments. Added to this is our ability to retrieve up to the minute updates on the whereabouts of our customers' shipments from freight companies as well as command their full and prompt attention should an unforeseen problem arise in the delivery of our customers' freight. The personal attention given by our account managers means that our customers' shipments are monitored from order entry through to delivery., ensuring that the right order gets to the right place at the right time.

Order Desk Services

As a Certified Logistics customer you will be able to utilize our order desk capabilities. Allowing your staff and your customers to directly place their orders with us, by-passing other time consuming steps. Our inventory control and shipping system allows us to accept orders from customers and process them via EDI. Should there be a need we are able to carry out your credit check and invoicing requirements.

Serial # and Lot Control

We are well experienced in handling such commodities as computers and electronics where serial number control is of utmost importance. Accuracy and dependability are essential in the distribution process and we have never let our customers down. Our facilities are properly equipped and staffed to meet such specialized needs.

Small Accounts Welcome

The secret to our success has been that we customize our services to fit the needs of our customers, whatever the size. To us no account is too small. In fact we take pride in stating that we have many customers that have been with us from the beginning and have grown with us. They have benefited from our success as we have from theirs, a true partnership since 1976.

Break Bulk-Cross Dock

Whatever your needs are, short term or long term you can rely on us. Whether it is to unload entire train car loads of raw material and reload them on trucks or unloading ocean containers and shipping out as LTL or package shipments. Our company has had extensive experience in handling bulk shipments of pigments, fertilizers, cement compound, cable, paper and cardboard.

Freight Management

As a part of our service we offer complete freight payment, and auditing capabilities. Decades of experience allow us to negotiate cost effective freight rates on your behalf, should you request these services.




Certified Logistics (770) 934-5117

Mail Order Services

The United States Postal Service's Atlanta Region has the best record for efficiency in mail handling and transit. You can utilize this added benefit by allowing us to handle your mail order fulfillment and other mailing needs. We have experience in various book club accounts, consumer response and merchandise return programs. Our familiarity with postal service rules and regulations can be an added tool in your marketing campaigns.

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Every customer, whatever the size, has a dedicated Account Manager assigned to them, enabling them to become familiar with the customers needs and goals.

Therefore whenever a customer calls us they will always talk with the same person whom they know is familiar with their account and situation and can handle their inquires with ease.




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