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Choosing a Logistics Partner - How to Target Your Needs

How do you choose a logistics company?

Review our checklist for the solutions to targeting your company's needs.



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third-party logistics company Is the third-party logistics company conveniently located for your distribution requirements?
Certified Logistics has three locations in the Atlanta, Georgia area and routinely delivers 96% of all orders to their destinations in the six Southeastern states the next business day. Whenever the need arises we have at our disposal the means to deliver your product to any U.S. destination the same day.
capabilities fit your company's requirements Does the company's capabilities fit your company's requirements? For example, does the third party handle LTL shipments? If so, how frequently?
Due to Certified Logistics large volume of shipping, our customers are able to enjoy substantial freight cost savings on their LTL shipments. As part of our services we are able to offer complete freight management and auditing, to ensure that freight dollars are utilized to the maximum and that our customers are using the optimum methods for their distribution needs.
non-palletized storage capabilities If you have products requiring non-palletized storage capabilities, or hazardous containment, does the logistics partner offer specialized services?
Accuracy and dependability are essential in the distribution process and we have never let our customers down. Our facilities are properly equipped and staffed to meet your specialized needs.
expertise to handle your company's products Does it have the necessary expertise to handle your company's products? For example, can they offer shrink-wrapping, product repair, packaging, or cross-dock shipping to meet your company's' needs?
Certified Logistics has experience inspecting, repairing, and repackaging products that have been returned from retail reclaim centers, shrink wrapping, labeling and re-labeling, price stickering, inserting coupons in various products depending on promotional campaigns. Certified Logistics also offers our customers promotional packaging and packaging of point of sale displays. We will respond to whatever your customized packaging needs are.
electronic data tracking system

If you use a certain electronic data tracking system, bar code system or computer program, does the logistics specialist offer the appropriate technology, or will they conform to your system?
Our inventory control and shipping system allows us to accept orders from customers and process them via EDI. Should there be a need we are also able to carry out your credit check and invoicing requirements.

priorities, customer service, best bottom-line price

Finally, will the logistics company make your priorities, customer service, best bottom-line price, inventory control, freight consolidation, quick turnaround, etc. --its own?
The secret to our success has been that we customize our services to fit the needs of our customers. We take pride in stating that we have many customers that have been with us from the beginning and have grown with us. They have benefited from our success as we have from theirs; a true partnership. Every customer has a dedicated Account Manager assigned to them, enabling them to become familiar with the customers needs and goals. Therefore, whenever a customer calls us they will always talk with the same person whom they know is familiar with their account and can handle their inquires with ease. Your business is our business. We provide a written statement outlining our performance standards and we unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction. We are "Certified Logistics".


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